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Electrolytic marking technology represents an economic and professional solution for high-contrast marking of all electroconductive materials (i. e. metals, aluminium...). Due to low investment costs, markings that are carried out with our marking devices are also extremely cost-effective. Moreover, the marking process allows abrasion-resistant, permanent and high-contrast markings to be accomplished. The electrolytic marking technology is employed in all industries and is excellently suited to the marking of highly sensitive parts (e.g. surgical instruments, implants and products for the food, aviation and automotive industries). Due to the combination of electricity and electrolyte, the image of the marking stencil is marked on the product by means of oxidation. The subsequent use of neutralyte prevents undesired corrosion.

Electrolytic Marking Options and Accessories

Various accessories and numerous options for versatile purposes complete the Schilling electrolytic marking product range. For example stencils, electrolytes and neutralytes, stamps as well as marking felts are available:

Samples Electrolytic Marking:

If your parts can be marked with Schilling electrolytic marking machines can be tested at our premises. Just send us your parts for free test markings. Please add the information, what we shall mark on your parts.

Furthermore it is possible to get a demo unit. That way you can convince yourself of the good quality of the Schilling electrolytic marking machines. Please contact us for an offer about a demo unit.

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