Electrolytic Marking Machines for Electrolytic Marking

For marking electroconductive materials you need a control unit. Schilling offers three different control units: The Signomat S2e, S200 and S100. Depending on the Signomat model, the marking tension and the exact marking time can be adjusted or expansion systems can be connected. With our marking devices, it is also possible to choose between light and dark markings. Thanks to these options, you can always adapt the marking technology precisely to your marking requirements.


  • For small, medium or large series production
  • Range of marking types: light / dark
  • Exact setting of the marking time


  • For non-ferrous metal and for large marking surfaces
  • Different marking voltages: 12 / 18 / 24 Volt
  • With connection for pneumatic system


  • For occasional markings
  • Small dimensions
  • Low investment and consumption costs


  • Always refittable 
  • Increase of the process reliability
  • Simplest operation and quick modification


All of our marking devices are CE-certified, particularly robust and long-lasting. For this reason, you receive as standard an extended warranty of 3 years on our entire Signomat series. In addition, due to our decades of experience in the field of marking technology, we can offer you an optimal service. We offer electrolytic marking machines for marking metals by Schilling Marking Systems