Signomat S2e for Electrolytic Marking


  • Suitable for individual parts and batches, extendible if required
  • Low investment and consumption costs
  • Small, compact, easy to operate
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Complete package, including consumables

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For occasional marking with the smallest production volumes.

The Signomat S2e is the smallest and cheapest item in Schilling Marking Systems' series of marking devices. Compact, simple and fast: ideal for everyone who would like to mark small numbers of parts permanently and inexpensively from time to time.

The Signomat S2e marking device is equipped with a marking tension of 12 Volt, a manual time setting and a stable plastic case. In addition, you receive the eco-set of the Schilling marking series as a complete package with 20 ml electrolyte, 20 ml neutralyte, 1 standard marking felt, 1 standard marking stamp 30 x 15 mm and 1 standard alligator clip – all already included in the price. A particularly low-priced contact plate is optionally available, specially designed for the Signomat S2e marking device. Simply placing the workpieces on the plate allows you to bring about the required contact with the marking device without needing to use the alligator clip.

The average marking time is only 2 - 4 seconds. Thanks to the compact dimensions, the S2e marking device can then be stored conveniently and in a space-saving manner.

As with the two other marking devices Signomat S100 and Signomat S200, with the Signomat S2e you also receive an extended warranty period of 3 years – as standard and also without a surcharge.


  • Various and individual accessories
  • Shortest delivery times
  • For all marking needs

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  • Stencil printers for short-life stencils (approx. 20 - 50 electrolytic markings)
  • Long-life stencils (approx. 2.000 - 5.000 electrolytic markings)
  • For marking individual parts and large series  Marking metals with Signomat S2e

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