• For small, medium or large series production
  • Range of marking types: light / dark
  • Digital, illuminated display of all operating parameters
  • With or without integrated contact plate
  • Microprocessor control
  • Electronic protection against short circuits
  • Digital, illuminated display of all operating parameters
  • Exact setting of the marking time
  • Connection to extension systems L1 and M1 possible
  • Warranty period: 3 years

The standard industry solution

With the Signomat S200 marking device, you opt for the happy medium and you thus combine low investment costs with efficiency and robustness.

The marking device Signomat S200 is equipped with microprocessor controls, electronic short-circuit protection and a digital, illuminated display that makes it easier for you to set the marking parameters. Thus, you immediately see the exact marking time and the light-dark choice of the marking type. The fixed marking tension of 12 Volt is sufficient for approximately 95% of all marking uses for small and medium-sized marking series. When the set marking time has passed, an acoustic signal indicates to you that the marking process has ended.

The robust nature of the Signomat S200 marking systems allows marking even in unfavorable circumstances. The S200 marking device is therefore particularly insensitive and will serve you faithfully for many years. We are so convinced of the quality of our marking technology that you receive an extended warranty of 3 years on your Signomat S200 – as standard and without a surcharge.

The Signomat S200 marking device marks all electroconductive surfaces reliably and with high-contrast.

Here the shape of your workpiece to be marked is of no importance. The marking stamps can be adapted to almost all workpiece geometries – flat, convex, concave or round surfaces. With the Signomat S200 marking device you can electrolytically mark your parts quickly, easily and economically.

Even large marking surfaces are no problem for our marking technology. The marking time of the S200 marking device can thus be set to indefinite. This ensures that you have enough time to wipe off the stencil piece by piece.

However, small markings can be marked very easily in 2 - 4 seconds. For medium-sized marking series, you can combine your marking device with expansion systems that make precise positioning easier for you with various holders. Work-holding unit L1 and Etch-Station M1 are especially suited to the Signomat S200.

Electrolytic Marking Machines Options and Accessories

Various accessories and numerous options for versatile purposes complete the Schilling electrolytic marking product range. For example stencils, electrolytes and neutralytes, stamps as well as marking felts are available:

If your parts can be marked with Schilling electrolytic marking machines can be tested at our premises. Just send us your parts for free test markings. Please add the information, what we shall mark on your parts.

Furthermore it is possible to get a demo unit. That way you can convince yourself of the good quality of the Schilling electrolytic marking machines. Please contact us for an offer about a demo unit.

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