• Combination of hard- and software
  • Automation of marking procedures
  • Data integration
  • Database-independent (Majesty, SAP...)
  • Integrated user administration
  • Automatic part- and task identification
  • Validation of markings
  • Integration solutions
  • Always refittable
  • Modular structure
  • Intuitive operation

A class better with Any-Marker

Any-Marker is the new, intelligent marking software by Schilling Marking Systems. With Any-Marker, the Schilling dot peen marking machines can be connected to existing company data bases.

By using special software solutions, the process reliability can be increased. Additionally it is possible to reduce the cycle time.

The Any-Marker software solutions are especially easy to use. Due to its modular structure, additional software modules are available and can be added later.

Sample solution Mega-Marker + Any-Marker

1. Part Identification

Nadelpräger Teileerkennung

It is automatically checked which parts have been inserted. This check is carried out via a camera system or via RFID technology. A cheaper possibility is the manual scanning of the job. After scanning, the corresponding file is automatically activated and the dot peen marking machine starts marking.

2. Dot Peen Marking


The parts are marked. The information (e. g. logos, serial numbers...) are automatically loaded from the corresponding data base (e. g. Excel, Majesty, SAP...). A preview displays the positioning of the parts. A counter displays the number of parts that have already been marked. A marking series can be cancelled and continued at any time.

3. Validation of Marking

Prüfung Nadelprägung

The dot peen marking is checked. Especially the content of the codes as well as the quality of the markings are checked. It is also possible to make a backup of the markings. That way it is possible to trace the parts after the marking.

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