High quality in compact design


More Axes, more markings, more possibilities

Beschriftungslaser Mega-Light  
  • Complete sets starting at 18.490,-€
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fast and flexible

  • Large cabinet with roller table
  • Automatix x- and z-axis
  • Marking field up to 530 x 180 mm

The Schilling diode lasers V40, V80, the fiber lasers F20, M20, F50 and the uv laser UV3 can be combined with the compact Mega-Light safety cabinets of laser class 1. The scope of delivery of the cost-effective Mega-Light sets includes the laser source, a laser cabinet with manual door, an automatic z-axis, a perforated plate and a Windows PC with marking software. Due to its compact design the Mega-Light lasers can be operated on a table or a workbench. The Mega-Light modular construction system allows the fast and comfortable retrofitting with various accessories. Available are for example extraction systems, code inspection systems, rotary axes and much more.

For marking large numbers of small parts or for marking individually large parts the Schilling laser sources V40, V80, F20, M20, F50 and UV3 can be integrated in the safety cabinet of the Mega-Light Plus Series. For a small surcharge the marking field can be increased to an overall field of up to 530 x 180 mm. The scope of delivery includes a laser soure, a laser safety cabinet, a large perforated plate, a Windows PC with marking siftware as well as an automatic x- and z-axis. Furthermore a big advantage of the Mega-Light Plus Series is that the setup time is reduced. For example the rotary axis can stay within the laser safety cabinet.

Different combination possibilities are available for different marking applications. Fiber lasers are especially good for marking large series, whereas small and medium sized series can be marked very well with cost-effective diode lasers. Moreover uv lasers are best for marking special plastics. We are looking forward to advising you and to send you an offer about the best machine for your application.

Marking Laser Options and Accessories

Various accessories and numerous options for versatile purposes complete the Schilling marking laser product range. For example extraction systems, rotary axes, inspection systems, data base connections as well as axes and handling systems are available:

Samples Laser Marking:

If your parts can be marked with Schilling marking lasers can be tested at our premises. Just send us your parts for free test markings. Please add the information, what we shall mark on your parts.

Furthermore it is possible to get a demo unit. That way you can convoince yourself of the good quality of the Schilling marking laser systems. Please contact us for an offer about a demo unit.

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