Special Machines

With our many years of experience in the field of special purpose machinery manufacture, we can precisely tailor the marking system to your individual requirements. Those requirements might be for particularly large workpieces or for automatic supply systems. In our special machines we integrate our marking lasers, dot peen and electrolytic marking machines. Furthermore our machines can be integrated into existing production lines. Moreover it is possible to connect them to robot systems.

  • Individual solutions
  • Hard- and software solutions
  • Own development, construction and manufacturing
  • Feeds, automation...
  • Very good knowledge of different branch requirements

Laser marking of wires

Mega-Light V80 Cabinet with lateral openings and brushes with protection against laser radiation for the feed-through of long wires (up to 1,000 mm length). The wires can also be marked all around, i.e. 360°, with the rotary axis. The cabinet has an additional automatic x-axis to mark the wires along almost their entire lengths.

Laser marking of heater cartridges

Mega-Light V40 Cabinet with lateral openings and brushes with protection against laser radiation for the feed-through of long heater cartridges (up to 2,000 m length). The cabinet has a pneumatic door opener and closer.

Laser marking of cutter knives

8 m long machine with integrated Mega-Light V40 Laser for the marking of cutter knives. Up to eight knives can be placed on the right-hand side. A knife is moved into the machine, the doors close and the marking starts. After the marking, the doors open and the marked knife exits the machine towards the left. At the same time, the next knife is moved into the cabinet. A BCD switch is used to define the number of knives to be marked.

Laser marking of cylinder heads

The cylinder heads of an engine are marked with a DataMatrix code by a Mega-Light V40 Laser and verified by a scanner. In each case, sensors check that the correct part to be marked has been inserted.

Laser marking of air suspension systems

Beschriftungslaser Sondermaschine zur Laserbeschriftung von Luftfederlenkern und Überprüfung der Laserbeschriftung mit einer Kamera

Air suspension systems are marked with a DataMatrix code by a Mega-Light F20 and classified by a camera which is integrated in the laser. In each case, sensors check whether a part has been inserted to be marked and if so, the kind of part. Depending on which part has been inserted, the corresponding marking file opens. The parts are marked with the correct information and the camera verifies whether the marking is correct and evaluates the quality of the marking. Every marking is saved in a data base for traceability.

Dot peen marking of metal sheets

Mega-Marker with pneumatic z-axis and hold-down device. The metal sheet is pushed onto the table all the way into the stop corner. The marker is pushed with the x-positioning slide to the area to be marked (latching). When the marking process starts, the z-axis moves down approx. 10 mm and the hold-down device rests on the sheet. The software SchillMarker controls the marking of the part. When marking is complete, the z-axis returns to its basic position.

Dot peen marking of seat rails

Three Mega-Markers can mark eight different seat rails. The parts to be marked are clamped and marked automatically as soon as the door is closed. During the marking it is impossible to open the door. The door opens automatically after the marking. The marking stations can be moved to different marking positions. The Mega-Markers are built into a soundproof booth.


Dot peen marking of knives

Automatic marking machine for different butchers’ knives. The machine has two conveyor belts and two lifts. The knives are placed on the pallet and fastened with a quick-release unit. Once started, the machine detects whether there is a knife on the device and if it has been fastened. The pallet is then moved into the cabinet. The lateral doors close. The knife is clamped pneumatically and then marked with a DataMatrix code. The doors open and the pallet leaves the cabinet to the right. The quick-release unit is released pneumatically. The pallet is moved to the lift. When the lift moves downwards, the knife slides over a fork and out of the machine. When the empty pallet reaches the bottom, it is transported to the left on the lower belt until it reaches the next lift and is moved up again. The lift door opens and the empty pallet is ready for loading.

Marking of brackets

The two curves of brackets are marked simultaneously with different pictograms. the marking is carried out pneumatically with the S200 marking device and the special customer template. We create the templates in-house.


Marking of cardiac catheters

Five cardiac catheters are marked simultaneously in different positions. The marking consists of a thin or thick line around the catheter. The stations can be moved to the right or to the left.

Marking of titanium rods

This machine is used to mark titanium rods along their entire lengths. Titanium rods are available in four different lengths. The corresponding template is glued onto an aluminium frame. In its basic position, the aluminium frame is at the back. A titanium rod is inserted into the prism. The machine is started. The template frame moves forward and stops over the part. The marking cylinder moves down. A motorized linear axis moves to the right and the rod is marked along its entire length. The marking cylinder moves upwards. The template frame moves to the back and the part can then be removed.

Individual software solutions, such as for instance the connection of our machines to existing data-bases (Majesty, SAP...), complement our product range. Special machines by Schilling are successfully used in different sectors (e. g. automotive industry, machine building, medical industry...). Our customized machines can be operated simply and intuitively.