Electrolytic Marking Accessories for Electrolytic Marking


  • Very rich
  • For different materials
  • From own production

Our electrolytes and neutralytes are from our own production and they are very rich: 1.000 ml of electrolyte is sufficient for approximately 30.000 electrolytic markings. Our application list shows which electrolyte to use on which materials. Safety data sheets are available for free. You can request them from us.


  • Stamp tapes for short-life stencils
  • Special stamp tape texture for perfect marking quality 
  • Different adhesive labels available

Different stamp tapes for creating short-life stencils (good for 20 - 30 markings) are available for our stencil printers. We furthermore offer a variety of adhesive labels for the printers. The tapes are available with different widths. 


  • Particularly long-lasting, good for approximately 150-200 markings
  • Very rich electrolyte storage
  • Can be adapted to any type of stamp

The Schilling marking felt is particularly long-lasting and is good for 150 - 200 markings. The special texture of the marking felt is especially good for a very rich electrolyte storage. The felt can be adapted to any type of stamp.


  • Carbon stamp in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Choice between manual and machine stamps
  • Special cooling stamps available for marking large surfaces

We can produce carbon stamps for you (manual and machine stamps) in all possible shapes and sizes. Thus, the marking stamps are always precisely tailored to your parts to be marked. Our carbon stamp order form is ideally suitable for choosing your customized stamp.