Various accessories are available for the Schilling dot peen marking machines. With Schilling accessories, perfect marking results can be realized at all times. If required, the accessories can also be retrofitted. Thus Schilling dot peen marking machines can be easily adjusted to new requirements.

Handles for Dot Peen Marking Machine

Nadelpräger Handgriffe

  • With handles and base plate with prism
  • Suitable for (e)Mega-Marker and (e)Multi-Marker
  • For marking large, heavy parts
Nadelpräger tragbar

For Mobile Markings

If you have both small and large parts to mark, we recommend to you the portable version for our dot peen marking machines (e)Mega-Marker and (e)Multi-Marker. With the optionally available handles, you can easily lift the marking head out of the support holder and carry it to particularly large, stationary parts. The base plate with prism makes it easier for you to position the marker on the workpiece. After marking, you can easily suspend the marking head on the support again and continue marking smaller workpieces. You thus always remain flexible with marking when it comes to part size.

Rotary Axes for Dot Peen Marking Machine

Nadelpräger Rotationsachsen
  • Suitable for (e)Mega-Marker
  • For perfect markings around the perimeter
  • Simple conversion to rotational axis
Nadelpräger Rotationsachse

For Marking Round Parts

The optionally available rotational axis is used for marking of workpieces around the perimeter. Adding the rotational axis to the (e)Mega-Marker is accomplished very quickly and easily via a serial interface that is included as standard with each (e)Mega-Marker.


The rotational axis is programmed via the marking software SchillMarker, which is supplied with each (e)Mega-Marker. Extra software is not required. The turning speed of the rotational axis is set automatically and in perfect coordination with the marking speed of the (e)Mega-Marker.


Needles for Dot Peen Marking Machine

Nadelpräger Nadelset
  • Various needle components for a variety of markings
  • For fine, normal and deep markings
  • Special needles for marking hard materials
Nadelpräger mit Roboter

Ready for Every Application

Various needle components are available to you for the Schilling dot peen marking machines. The needles and springs contribute significantly to the marking depth and quality. Therefore various exchangeable needles are available for the Schilling dot peen marking machines. You are thus always equipped for all marking requirements.

Switch for Dot Peen Marking Machines

Nadelpräger Schalter
  • Start of dot peen marking via switch
  • Always refittable
  • Hand- and footswitch

Push the Button

The Schilling dot peen marking machines can be operated via hand- or footswitch. The switches make it possible to start the dot peen marking. The Schilling switches are especially robust and persistent.

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