Dot Peen Marking with Dot Peen Marking Machines

The freely programmable marking systems operate with pneumatic or electrically driven oscillating hard metal needles. These stamp materials with many tiny, closepacked dots. Inscriptions, symbols, graphics, serial numbers and matrix codes are ´printed in´ by the impacting action of the needle. The speed, fineness and pressure setting of the marking can be individually regulated and allow for different stamping depths for low workpiece loading.


  • For deep and permanent engravings
  • For workpieces subjected to intense abrasion
  • Individually adjustable


  • No compressed air necessary
  • Simple operation
  • For very deep engravings


  • Combination of intelligent hard- and software
  • Database-independent (Majesty, SAP...)
  • Part identificationmarking and check

The impact markers of Schilling Marking Systems are especially suitable for marking parts that are coated after the marking or that are affected by heavy abrasion. Depending on the need, our industry-standard dot peen systems can be used as tabletop and/or hand-held markers or in assembly lines. Even communication with existing production systems is possible.