• For marking batches, medium series and large series
  • The finest microdot marking on the market
  • PC-independent marking possible
  • Simple integration into existing product lines
  • DataMatrix code compliant
  • Simple graphic user interface
  • Intuitive operation
  • Title block: 100 x 100 mm
  • Space-saving, professional and simple
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Various accessories (e. g. rotary axes) available
  • Reading databases possible

Permanent parts marking in a matter of seconds

Our Mega-Marker impact marker is used for the permanent and fast impact marking of metals and other materials. After a short period of familiarization, the simple operation of the marker via the PC software SchillMarker2 allows for marking of logos, graphics, texts, figures, DataMatrix codes, consecutive numberings and round sets in incomparable quality.

With the software in combination with our rotary axis, perimeter markings are no problem either. If necessary, the Mega-Marker can also mark independently of the PC.

The pneumatic supply ensures that even very deep markings can be achieved. Even on hard metals, deep markings are possible with the Mega-Marker thanks to special diamond styluses.

Furthermore the Mega-Marker can be used for marking uneven surfaces: The pneumatically driven oscillating hard metal needle can compensate for height differences of up to 10 mm.

Due to its compact design, the simple integration into existing product lines is also possible. Various accessories (e. g. rotary axes) are available. Additionally, the Mega-Marker can be connected to existing company data bases.

Dot Peen Options and Accessories

Various accessories and numerous options for versatile purposes complete the Schilling dot peen product range. For example rotary axes, data base connections as well as handling systems are available:

If your parts can be marked with Schilling dot peen machines can be tested at our premises. Just send us your parts for free test markings. Please add the information, what we shall mark on your parts.

Furthermore it is possible to get a demo unit. That way you can convince yourself of the good quality of the Schilling dot peen machines. Please contact us for an offer about a demo unit.

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