Various accessories for versatile purposes complete our product range. With the Mega-Light accessories perfect marking results can be realized at all times. If required the accessories can also be retrofitted. That way the Schilling marking lasers can be easily adjusted to new requirements.

Focus Sensor

  • Automatic focussing
  • Can easily be retrofitted
  • Integrated in the laser marking software
Beschriftungslaser Autofokus

Stay Focused

With the new focus sensor laser markings are easier than ever before. With just one mouse click the sensor moves the laser to the right z-position. The new sensor can be retrofitted at any time.

Extraction System

  • Extraction of steam that can arise due to laser exposure
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low sound level

Just Air

For marking plastics or the removal of a large amount of material, such as in the case of the marking of anodised, varnished or coated parts, we recommend connecting an extraction system to the lasers. Extraction systems protect the lasers from dirt and the employees from emissions.

Rotary Axes

  • Markings on 360°
  • Fast set-up
  • Simple conversion

Keep It Round

With our rotational axes, markings around the perimeter are no problem. Whether you want to apply logos, DataMatrix codes or figures and text around the perimeter – child's play with our rotational axes. The rotational axes can be selected via the Mega-Light marking software. Conversion is fast and simple: via a serial interface, you can connect the rotational axes to the Schilling marking lasers with a cable and then begin immediately with markings around the perimeter.


  • Schnelles Auslesen von Codes
  • Kabellose Handscanner erhältlich
  • Ergonomische Form
  • Integrierte Beleuchtung
  • Auslesen auf bis zu 1 Meter Abstand

Better Scanning

The Schilling hand scanners are specifically addressed and capable of reading codes marked with direct part marking technologies such as marking lasers. With the Mega-Light hand scanners also very small DataMatrix codes can be read. The hand scanners are also available as wireless version.


  • Increase in process reliability
  • Optionally available with RFID technology
  • Can be tailored individually to all workpiece geometries

Increasing Process Liability

With a cradle tailored to your workpiece geometry, you can ensure very easily that your parts are always marked in the right place and always at the same place. You thus increase the process reliability of your markings, simplify the insertion of your parts and thus save time and money.

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