• Manual safety door with comfortable U-shape
  • All-inclusive prices - no hidden costs
  • Simple installation and operation


  • Automatic door opening and closing
  • Stand-alone and combination with robots
  • Integrated extraction system


  • Customized solutions
  • Hard- and software solutions
  • Automatisations, automatic feed

With Schilling marking lasers, metals, plastics and other materials can be marked in a contact-free, permanent and flexible manner. Schilling offers diode, fiber and uv-marking lasers with 3, 10, 20 and 50 watt power. All laser sources can be combined with laser safety cabinets class 1. Four different standard safety cabinets can be chosen: Mega-Light, Mega-Light Plus, Ultra-Light and Ultra-Light Plus. If no standard cabinet is suitable it is also possible to plan and produce individual machines. Thanks to the wide variety of possibilities, Schilling has the right solution for every marking requirement.

Marking Laser Options and Accessories

Various accessories and numerous options for versatile purposes complete the Schilling marking laser product range. For example extraction systems, rotary axes, inspection systems, data base connections as well as axes and handling systems are available:

Samples Laser Marking:

If your parts can be marked with Schilling marking lasers can be tested at our premises. Just send us your parts for free test markings. Please add the information, what we shall mark on your parts.

Furthermore it is possible to get a demo unit. That way you can convoince yourself of the good quality of the Schilling marking laser systems. Please contact us for an offer about a demo unit.

Laser Sources

If a laser safety cabinet is not needed, for example because a laser is supposed to be integrated within an assembly line, the laser sources are also available without safety cabinet. In this case they are laser safety class 4. That means that the operation of the laser needs special safety precautions (for example a laser safety officer in the company). Available are diode, fiber and uv laser sources.

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