Fiber Lasers for Laser Marking

The fiber lasers Mega-Light F10, F20 and F50 with the effective power output of 10, 20 and 50 Watt (on the surface) and a wavelength of 1064 nm offer a wide range of marking possibilities on metals and plastics. Compared to other laser models, fiber lasers have a highly concentrated laser beam with a small diameter. Therefore, letterings and graphics are marked at a much higher speed than with other laser models. Furthermore, fiber lasers are especially suitable for deep laser engravings.

  • For marking medium- to large-sized series
  • Deep engravings and annealing markings
  • Easy and comfortable handling

  • For marking large-sized series
  • Title block: 140 x 140 mm
  • Various accessories (e. g. rotary axes) available

  • For marking very large quantities
  • Various accessories (e. g. rotary axes) available
  • Deep laser engravings on metals

Fiber lasers can be operated at a temperature of up to 50°C (F50 up to 35°C). Furthermore, fiber lasers show very high performance stability (impact on the marking contrast and marking depth) and a long lifetime of the fiber modules. Thanks to its embedded PC, you can save space and extra costs. The separation of the resonator and the controller enables an easy integration into automatic conveyors (Laser Safety Class 4). The complete device can be controlled by a simple Ethernet connection with a supervisor computer (master-slave mode).