Marking Laser Mega-Light F10 for Laser Marking

Faserlaser Beschriftungslaser Mega-Light F10 zur schnellen Laserbeschriftung und zur Lasergravur

  • Permanent markings on metals and plastics
  • 10W output
  • Including PC and marking software 
  • All-inclusive prices - no hidden costs
  • Title block: 140 x 140 mm
  • High temperature stability
  • Corrosion-free laser markings
  • High marking speed
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Laser protection cabinet with laser safety class 1
  • Including automatic z-axis
  • Aiming beam to display the dimension, position and to focus
  • Various accessories (e. g. rotary axes) available
  • Small dimensions and lightweight
  • Perfect for Unique Device Identification (UDI)
  • For piece sizes up to 465 x 262 x 254 mm (L x W x H) 
  • Also available as F10+ for marking larger parts

Easy marking with light

10W Fiber Marking Laser F10 from the Mega-Light family is the most suitable marking laser. For example, its marking space of 140 x 140 mm supplied as standard enables the marking of many smaller parts in only one operation. Thanks to the spacious laser protection cabinet of laser safety class 1, it is also possible to mark large workpieces in the range of 140 x 140 mm. The automatic z-axis allows the laser to be focused comfortably on your part height to be marked.

If you would like to mark your parts all around, it is possible to combine the F10 with a rotary axis. With a rotary axis, you can mark round parts quickly and precisely on a 360° basis. The rotary axis can also be programmed using the marking software Lighter, with which you can also arrange your other marking jobs. Logos, graphics, texts, figures, codes such as DataMatrix, GS1 and bar codes, consecutive numberings and rounded texts can be created very easily using the Lighter software. If required, it is also possible to configure the software so that it draws the marking information from its databases, which also increases the cost effectiveness of the markings. Thanks to its user-friendly setup, the Lighter software is the ideal marking software for everyone who wants to carry out laser engravings, layer removals, annealing markings, carbonations, foaming and film applications quickly and easily.

With the user-friendly Lighter marking software and the optionally available laser accessories, you can configure the F10 as you require it. For custom products, our in-house special machine construction team puts together a marking machine designed according to your individual requirements.


Mega-Light Beschriftungslaser Plus Serie zur Laserbeschriftung großer Teile  

  • Standard cabinet for marking large parts
  • Marking field up to 530 x 180 mm 
  • Automatic x- and z-axis


Beschriftungslaser Softwarelösungen zur Laserbeschriftung  

  • Combines intelligent hard- and software
  • Connection to any database (Majesty, SAP...)
  • Part identification, laser marking and verification


Beschriftungslaser Zubehör zur Laserbeschriftung mit Mega-Light Beschriftungslaser