Marking Laser Mega-Light Compact 6 for Laser Marking


  • For marking metals and plastics
  • Perfect for marking individual parts and small sized series 
  • For maximum part size 249 x 409 x 140 mm (W x D x H)
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Output power 6W
  • Title block: 100 x 100 mm
  • Simple graphic user interface
  • Small dimensions, light weight
  • Aiming beam to display the dimension, position and to focus
  • Laser protection cabinet with laser safety class 1
  • Including scissor table for quick focussing

Your access to professional marking laser technology

Our 6W industrial laser Mega-Light Compact 6 serves the fast, precise and economical laser marking of metals and plastics and is ideal for everyone who would like to laser-mark individual and small numbers of parts permanently and inexpensively from time to time.

The Mega-Light Compact 6 is a professional marking laser consisting of a 6W laser source, a protective cabinet and a PC with marking software.

As standard, you receive a marking space of 100 x 100 mm. In this marking space, there are no limits to your marking desires: logos, graphics, texts, figures, codes such as DataMatrix and bar codes, consecutive numberings or even round sets – program your marking jobs easily using the supplied laser software with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

With the sophisticated laser technology of the Mega-Light Compact 6, it is possible to perform a variety of markings. For instance, it is possible to achieve laser engravings, layer removals, annealing markings, carbonations, foaming and film applications. The possible types of marking depend on the material to be marked, the desired marking depth and the specified cycle time.

  • Standard cabinet for marking large parts
  • Marking field up to 490 x 140 mm
  • Automatic x- and z-axis


  • Combines intelligent hard- and software
  • Connection to any database (Majesty, SAP...)
  • Part identification, laser marking and verification