Stencil Printer KL-7400 for Electrolytic Marking


  • Stencils with up to 24 mm tape width
  • For texts and figures
  • 24-month immediate exchange service
  • 6 languages
  • Easy operation via keyboard
  • Also suitable for printing color labels
  • Resolution: 200 dpi
  • Various fonts and sizes

Fast and economical stencil production

The KL-7400 is highly suitable for creating short-life stencils quickly and flexibly. Approximately 30 parts can be marked with a short-life stencil from the KL-7400. The information that is to appear on the stencil can be entered conveniently via the printer keyboard.

Print-outs containing several lines are also no problem with the KL-7400. Should you repeatedly require the same stencil, it is also possible to save entries and to retrieve these again and print them off if necessary.

Figures, texts and a total of 519 stored illustrations and symbols are available to you with the KL-7400 and allow simple creation of your own stencils entirely according to your wishes, on a width of 24 mm. In the process, the KL-7400's print resolution of 200 dpi enables good-quality markings. For this, we provide you with a specially prepared stencil tape that, like conventional adhesive labels, can be inserted into the printer and on which you can print out your own stencils.

Of course, with the KL-7400 you can also print out color labels and thus make flexible use of the KL-7400 according to the case of use.

  • Stencil tape for short-life stencils: 24 mm width
  • Color labels: 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 mm width 
  • Shortest delivery times